Thursday, January 13, 2011

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Live like this lady she is the role model for long life

Eunice got the title On November 5th 2010, in New York announced that Eunice sanborn has won the title of long life person now her age is 114 years. She has born in the year July 20, 1896, in lake Charles, Louisiana, USA.
Eunice was married in the year 1913, she had one daughter and she died in the year 2005 at the age of 90. And she shifted her place to Texas, USA in the year 1937 and she currently staying in town of Jacksonville. Before she stayed in Victorian home and the Victorian home built in the year 1900 now she is with her neighbors. Eunice knows neighbors from past 50 years.

Craig glenday the senior editor in Guinness world record says that Eunice was born in the period of Victoria and Eunice sanborn lived around 3 centuries! And her residence style is like Victorian style that much old she is.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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Friday, January 07, 2011

World’s number one largest cup of coffee and iced coffee

The largest cup of coffee and largest iced coffee was prepared on October 15th and 16th 2010 in Las Vegas and gave the record of world’s largest cup of coffee and the largest iced coffee.

The impressive coffee mugs where transported from the country Georgia, USA.

After coming of impressive coffee mugs started on 4 am and finished on next day. First they prepared the coffee with full steam and used 2 coffee machines to pour coffee in impressive coffee mugs and steam the coffee for two days.

After 7 hours and thirty minutes later the coffee level reached the line of the particular point 2010and US girls were involved in making coffee. And 7,608.68 liters were prepared. And it is a new Guinness record was set.

This single big cup is equal to 32,160 cups. After that they prepared iced coffee with the help of 1,500 US girls and 5,678.12 liters of coffee. For cooling down process they have to set the temperature of 7.22 degree Celsius (45 degree Fahrenheit) and 1360 kg of ice needed for these records.