Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The highest time and the distance traveled in the open water

The Panama Canal contains open water. In open water nobody surfed for long time in this generation the Panama Canal connects with ocean they are Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. The Panama Canal consists of two oceans so they decided to give 2 Guinness world records.

In recent times the person Gary Saavedra is very much interested in crossing the red bull canal.

The professional surfer already did the record in March 19th to surf the canal. Then the person decided to popularize in 2 activities. The one of his activity is the highest time spent and surfed in open water and the maximum distance surfed in open water is 3hour 55 minutes and 2 seconds he travelled in his board the total distance he covered by his board is 41.3 miles or 66.47 km.
He surfed around 4 hours he crossed around 40 miles he surrendered to a heavy leg pain and he struggled with tremendous storms to stand vertical during the challenge.


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