Thursday, April 14, 2011

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

World’s biggest rugby ball

This year March 15th, 2011 the Guinness world record competition held in the place of Marco polo in Hong Kong inn in china the big rugby ball is revealed. These helps to enter the book of Guinness world record for the event world’s biggest rugby ball. After measuring the size of the ball it was 4.709 meter and it was 15 ft and 5.39 inches long its height is 2.95 m and 9 ft 8.14 in height this is measured by the adjudicator of Guinness world record.

The biggest rugby ball is created by Cathay pacific airways limited used for Cathay pacific or credit Suisse Hong Kong sevens 2011. The fabrics used for making the rugby are same as usual material used in big size rugby ball also. For making the small ball it won’t take more time but it takes more time to create big rugby ball. After completed of doing the big size rugby ball the adjudicator measured the size of the ball and she measured the ball cautiously and she confirmed everything and she presented the Guinness world record to the authority of Cathay pacific airways limited.

After getting the Guinness world record the biggest rugby ball and it was exhibited for the audience up to March 23rd after some day the ball auctioned and the collected funds they going to give to victims of Japan and the region of Yunnan in china and New Zealand’s Christ church for these places the funds will be settled safely.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The highest time and the distance traveled in the open water

The Panama Canal contains open water. In open water nobody surfed for long time in this generation the Panama Canal connects with ocean they are Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. The Panama Canal consists of two oceans so they decided to give 2 Guinness world records.

In recent times the person Gary Saavedra is very much interested in crossing the red bull canal.

The professional surfer already did the record in March 19th to surf the canal. Then the person decided to popularize in 2 activities. The one of his activity is the highest time spent and surfed in open water and the maximum distance surfed in open water is 3hour 55 minutes and 2 seconds he travelled in his board the total distance he covered by his board is 41.3 miles or 66.47 km.
He surfed around 4 hours he crossed around 40 miles he surrendered to a heavy leg pain and he struggled with tremendous storms to stand vertical during the challenge.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The biggest hanging baskets placed in Guinness world record

On February 28th 2011 the hanging baskets show held the formal procedure of AIAin Paradise the hanging baskets attractively and it looks gorgeous to see the hanging flower baskets on the tip of the desert. The other name for AIAin is Oasis otherwise known as Garden city of Emirates but it looks gorgeous when it stays alone the reporter of Guinness world record went to confirm. The largest AIAin is the biggest presentation for hanging baskets.

The garden got Guinness world record on last year for the presentation for the biggest hanging baskets totally 2,426 hanging baskets were counted. This year the management of the garden is changed to Akar landscaping services and agriculture. The owner of the garden decided to break his record once again the owner is going to enlarge his garden and make the garden more gorgeous.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Few films got Guinness world records for specifically for horrible films

Most of them think the bangs will come only when there is Halloween night that is not true. The movie certainly not the crew behind is the remake of the movie A Nightmare on Elm Street is hacking the theaters and it was released all over the world this movie’s producer is Michael Bay and he produced so many blockbuster movies. And some of the film goes up to Guinness world record.

In that list Wes Craven’s film not selected for any records but the Freddy Krueger makes three times records and entered into the database of the Guinness world record for the movie longest water ski jump in 75.2 meters Freddy Krueger frighten for Guinness record and makes the film more horror.

The Exorcist is hit and it reached box office and it is a profitable movie each and every country got collection after this film is released in US it comes around $12 million and each and every place profit is changed.

And in 1958 Dracula film were elected for Guinness world record the first award given for the movie the curse of Frankenstein and he is the most in Hollywood his height is 6 feet and 5 inches he is from USA.


Thursday, March 03, 2011

The world’s hairiest teenager

Some of the people have werewolf disease but this disease is rare werewolf disease is also known as hypertrichosis. This disease is caused and symptoms of this disease are too much of hair growing gratuitously. This disease is attacked by one Mexican family have thick hair covered face also not only that girl her total family affected by this hypertrichosis her family there are 19 members all are having this same problem including their upper body fully covered by hair. After hearing this news the judge goes to that spot immediately.

The judge interviews the girl about this disease. The girl replied am not worrying for this because now am having more friends after heavy growth of hair and she told now I have entered into the Guinness book of record so am happy about that.