Thursday, March 31, 2011

World’s biggest rugby ball

This year March 15th, 2011 the Guinness world record competition held in the place of Marco polo in Hong Kong inn in china the big rugby ball is revealed. These helps to enter the book of Guinness world record for the event world’s biggest rugby ball. After measuring the size of the ball it was 4.709 meter and it was 15 ft and 5.39 inches long its height is 2.95 m and 9 ft 8.14 in height this is measured by the adjudicator of Guinness world record.

The biggest rugby ball is created by Cathay pacific airways limited used for Cathay pacific or credit Suisse Hong Kong sevens 2011. The fabrics used for making the rugby are same as usual material used in big size rugby ball also. For making the small ball it won’t take more time but it takes more time to create big rugby ball. After completed of doing the big size rugby ball the adjudicator measured the size of the ball and she measured the ball cautiously and she confirmed everything and she presented the Guinness world record to the authority of Cathay pacific airways limited.

After getting the Guinness world record the biggest rugby ball and it was exhibited for the audience up to March 23rd after some day the ball auctioned and the collected funds they going to give to victims of Japan and the region of Yunnan in china and New Zealand’s Christ church for these places the funds will be settled safely.



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